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Tampons with cardboard applicator Regular (16 pcs)


The organic cotton tampons with applicator for regular feminine hygiene needs from Organyc have only one ingredient, pure organic cotton. The pure organic cotton absorbent core is hypoallergenic as well as being biodegradable, making a natural tampon for safe wear every day. The pure cotton tampon is bleached without chlorine which reduces the risk of irritations and allergies. The only bleaching process that is carried out by Organyc is for good hygiene. These organic cotton tampons are treated by a naturally occurring disinfectant called hydrogen peroxide which is a safe and natural alternative to chlorine. For an additional hygiene aspect, the cotton tampons are also individually wrapped. The cardboard applicator with a soft rounded tip allows for gentle and comfortable insertion.

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Instructions for use : How to use Organic Cotton Tampons
Change your cotton tampon every 4 to 8 hours. Use the lowest level of absorbency to meet your needs.


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Ingredients :
Organic cotton fibres, cotton thread.