About Us

About “All Made Natural” - Natural Organic Vegan cosmetics

Our purpose is to create the best and most reliable online store of Premium Certified Natural Organic Vegan cosmetics & Personal Care Products in Europe and one of the best in the World!

The product selection is designed to appeal to a variety of customers including those seeking health maintenance and general well-being, individuals looking for Organic and Natural Products, and those with specific health concerns and goals.

Our Vision – Our Passion!

Allmadenatural.com has been created by a group of young and visionary people who have decided to work together and dedicate themselves to identifying the best Certified Organic brands in Europe, with shared passion to reach out to men and women to embrace Nature that has developed everything for them to be beautiful and healthy. All of us know how many health hazards are hidden in the mainstream Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, the damage that these cause to our environment and of course the unfair practice by companies of using defenceless animals in their testing process and ingredient compilation.

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Products Selection

Always dedicated to identifying the best Products which share our ethics we travel, test and discover the best Natural Organic Vegan cosmetics from around the world, whether these are well-known brands or start-up and small producers, so as to deliver them to our market at the most competitive prices.

So far, we are proud to be trusted by leading companies of Organic Certified Cosmetic products from France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Greece!

100% Natural Ingredients

At www.allmadenatural.com we offer ZAO Organic Vegan makeup from France, Acorelle organic perfumes and suncare from France, Organyc pads tampons wipes from Italy. As well as MontOlympe natural cosmetics from Greece, doTERRA essential oils from Australia and Green Rays menstrual cup from USA. Our brands always ensure that all ingredients are totally free of parabens and any other harmful substances, free of artificial fragrances and colorants, free of any mineral oils and genetically modified organisms.

All Organic Products that are available in “All Made Natural” online shop are produced using only environmentally friendly procedures and methods and no animal testing!

Almost all of the companies we represent are certified by the most prestigious and globally recognizable organizations such as BDIH, ΕCOCERT, USDA ORGANIC, SOIL ASSOCIATION, ICEA, CRUELTY FREE, NATRUE, etc.

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We would like to express to each and every one of you our deepest gratitude for supporting us on every step we take.

Sincerely yours,

The AllMadeNatural.com Team!