About MontOlympe

About MontOlympe

Mount Olympus nature packed in MontOlympe’s natural skincare

100% Natural Certified Cosmetics

Mount Olympus

This is where MontOlympe natural cosmetics are born. Nothing less than the cradle of the Gods and since antiquity well-known by locals as a source of especially potent medicinal herbs and plants! The people of the region have been raised with the numerous tales of everlasting youth and beauty. The unique landscape of Mount Olympus in Greece offers so many wonders of nature: hundreds of herbs, fruits and flowers that cannot be found anywhere else on earth in such great diversity. They are packed full of healthy components – almost too good to be true as a base for genuinely natural cosmetics. The mythological birthplace of the gods is an incredible area for cultivating natural organic herbs that provide a vast number of benefits for the skin, hair and body.

We harvest, formulate, manufacture and package our products on the foot hills of Mount Olympus in Greece. Our commitment is to maintain the environmental sustainability and support the local society.


Our MontOlympe

With MontOlympe natural cosmetics we developed a comprehensive line of cosmetics that is in complete harmony with its origins – with natural ingredients, without toxic substances, vegan and environmentally friendly.Highly effective care that you can trust with a good conscience for your own body and the environment. Founded not only on traditional myth, but on progressive, scientific discoveries.

We take great pride in the extensive research and the amount of fascination and devotion we have put into our herbal knowledge. Together with the University of Thessaloniki, we have analyzed hundreds of organic herbs to reveal their amazing healing powers. During years of exploration, we have found the best ways to gently extract the benefits of these herbs and the most effective ways to combine them into unique beauty complexes.

Our Herbs

We source our herbs very carefully – only the best will do. We believe that Mount Olympus offers a unique selection of plants that have the power to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate our precious skin and hair. Our organic handpicked herbs from Mount Olympus offer deeply nourishing, regenerating extracts that provide solutions for many different skin concerns.A gift from Mother Nature that is gently processed into the treasure of your daily beauty routine!


Why MontOlympe Natural Cosmetics?

Because they are Greek, natural cosmetics made at the foot hills of Mount Olympus, with organic herbs from Olympus and the Mediterranean. Each tube and bottle is sealed by Icada and Cosmos Natural, which means that all MontOlympe products, with no exceptions, are certified natural cosmetics.

The list of MontOlympe ingredients at first glance seems to be long and obscure. But by looking better, you recognize the Latin names of the herbs, oils, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, sugars, proteins, and supplements that they contain. The few ingredients you don’t recognize are just natural emulsifiers, mild, natural cleansers, safe and non-toxic preservatives. So simple but so unique!

MontOlympe’s laboratories have followed nature’s path and developed unique herbal extraction techniques, turning them into powerful skin protection and hair care products in a completely natural way. Pure, cold pressed oils are a valuable ally in this endeavor, and with the stabilized 100% natural active ingredients, guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Opening a MontOlympe product will overwhelm you with nature’s aromas with notes of herbs, flowers, citrus fruits, that will travel you to the paths of the fabulous mountain and the Mediterranean aura. The fragrances in MontOlympe products are exclusively made from 100% essential oils and besides the gift of aromatherapy they offer, they have their own special weight in protecting skin health and anti-aging mechanisms.

By applying a MontOlympe product you immediately feel its velvety texture, instant absorption, and  its unbelievable love, with the first application, to your skin.  This makes you realize its sole purpose: to make you feel and look healthy beautiful!