About Acorelle

ABOUT ACORELLE organic perfume suncare

Acorelle organic perfume suncare creates unique 100% natural and certified organic fragrances based on the principles of olfactology. They bring balance to emotions and a sense of well-being and harmony to the body and mind.

Product quality is a priority for Acorelle and it is ensured by a strict selection of natural ingredients, which are mostly organic.

Acorelle Quality

Acorelle draws the best of nature by combining ancestral knowledge of traditional medicines with modern scientific expertise to obtain the most active, innovative and effective ingredients. The company uses mostly local ingredients from France and adheres to strict production processes that cause no harm to these precious resources.

Active essential oils and flower waters contained in Acorelle perfumes are obtained from biological cultures and assembled in Grasse, France, known as the birthplace of perfumery.

For ingredients unavailable in France, the company turns to Fair Trade for their respect to the environment, workers, and Acorelle standards for high quality products. This is the case of sugar cane, for example, which the company sources from Paraguay.


Acorelle Perfumery

Acorelle fragrances are manufactured entirely within the company’s own factory in France. The combination of essential oils and plant extracts come directly from Grasse where traditional and ancestral methods of perfume creation are still used.

The flower waters and alcohol used during the creation process are pure and organic materials which must be strictly controlled before manufacturing.

Acorelle ensures quality during each stage of production. The process starts with weighing the ingredients. Then maceration is used to extract the scents from the natural ingredients so they can be added to the heart of alcohol and water flowers. The ingredients are mixed and the perfume undergoes a fermentation process during which the rich notes of the fragrance are released. Finally, the perfume is filtered and iced, and the elixir is bottled in Acorelle own workshop where the product comes to life.

Acorelle Waxing Products

Efficiency and respect for your skin – these are the core principles that drive the research and development for Acorelle’s line of hair removal products.

Acorelle waxes and strips are designed with the help of experts to be highly powerful to lift hairs, suitable for sensitive skin, and environmentally friendly to the specifications of Ecocert.

All Acorelle products are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure optimum efficiency.

Perfumes present in hair removal and skincare products are created from 100% natural essential oils, with the same high standards as Acorelle perfumes.


Acorelle products are 100% all-natural and certified organic, free from all harmful synthetic chemicals