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    690 Nailpolish Remover

    To remove nail polish, we usually use ingredients having solvent properties. Acetone and ethyl acetate are commonly used for their efficiency and attractive prices. However, acetone and ethyl acetate are famous for drying effects on skin and nails. Volatile, they are irritating for the eyes and airways. They are also highly flammable. That's why ZAO has chosen not to use these products, working with more respectful solvents. Zao nail polish remover is made without acetone and ethyl acetate. 100% natural, it removes gently and softly the nail polish without drying or damaging the nails. NET WEIGHT: 3.38 fl.oz. REFILLABLE: No
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    691 Make-up remover oil (face & eyes)

    Zao make-up remover oil gently takes of impurities and make-up, even waterproof ones. This make-up remover oil, with 100% of natural ingredients, contains organic babassu oil, macadamia oil and calendula extract for a nourishing and softening effect. Dry and sensitive skins will absolutely love this Zao organic cleansing oil ! NET WEIGHT: 3.38 fl.oz. REFILLABLE: No
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    692 Micellar water

    Zao micellar water cleans and gently removes make-up while attenuating redness and tightness of the skin. Thanks to a formula based on melisse water, witch hazel oil and babassu oil, the skin is purified, soothed and toned. NET WEIGHT: 4.05 fl.oz. REFILLABLE: No
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    693 Cleansing Foam

    The extreme lightness of the Zao cleansing foam and its delicate perfume enable a smoothly purifying cleansing face, thanks also to the melisse and cornflower water, as well as thanks to the aloe vera powder. What’s more, the bamboo water is regenerating and toning for the skin. NET WEIGHT: 3.38 fl.oz. REFILLABLE: No
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    694 Remover Milk (eyes)

    This organic remover milk softly removes all kind of eye make-up, even waterproof ones. Enriched in cornflower to soothe the eyelids, this product do not irritate eyes nor skin, which means this one is ideal for sensitive skins. NET WEIGHT: 1.69 fl.oz. REFFILABLE: No
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    Lavender Fleur Micellar Water

    Cleansing, Make up Remover & Hydrating Micellar Water 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Splashed with organic lavender flowers and a unique organic blend of aloe, chamomile and sage, in only one step, removes makeup, ideally cleanses and moisturizes your skin. Best for dry, sensitive, mature  and normal skin Highlights Organic Lavender Lavender Essential Oil Organic Chamomile Organic Aloe Organic Sage
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    Malva Sylvestris Face Milk

    Emollient & Nourishing Creamy Cleanser 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Enriched with organic Malva sylvestris (mallow), one of the most powerful treasures of the Greek Mother Earth that offers emollient, soothing and softening properties, this facial milk cleanses effectively from all the dirt and residues, while it soothes, replenishes and moisturizes. Best for dry, mature and sensitive skin. Highlights Organic Mallow Organic Olive Oil Almond Oil Organic Chaste Tree Lavender Essential Oil Myrtle Essential Oil
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    Myrtle Cleansing Gel

    Mild, Hydrating Face Wash 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Myrtle’s sweet balancing oil brings harmony, rejuvenation and beauty. A perfect choice that effectively clears up skin imperfections and every day pollutant assaults Best for dry, mature and normal skin. Highlights Myrtle Essential Oil Organic Chaste Tree Organic Chamomile Patchouli Essential Oil