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    Juniper Berry & Sea Buckthorn Shower Gel

    Detoxifying & Stimulating 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Take a deep breath directly from the leafage of Olympus Mountain and let your everyday body care take off! Highlights Juniper Berries Sea Buckthorn Leaves Organic Achillea Juniper Berries Essential Oil Cedarwood Essential Oil Lime Essential Oil Fir Needle Essential Oil
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    Mountain Mist Shampoo & Shower Gel

    Stress Alleviating 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics A refreshing cleansing experience from the slopes of Mount Olympus to start or end your day! Highlights Organic Mint Organic Sage Organic Greek Red Saffron Organic Nettle Cedar wood Essential Oil Grapefruit Essential Oil
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    Olympus Mountain Tea Shower Gel

    Antioxidant Revitalizing & Refreshing 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Freshness from Mount Olympus slopes brings you this MontOlympe’s Shower Gel packed with pure Mountain Tea! Highlights Organic Olympus Mountain Tea Organic Cornelian Cherry Organic Aloe Almond Oil Lemon Essential Oil