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    Deep Exfoliation Regenerating Face Scrub

    Detoxifying & Deep Exfoliation 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Organic savory and olive kernel stones, rolling with grace on the skin, deliver deep exfoliation and purification, detoxify and regenerate your face. Best for oily and combination skin. Highlights Organic Savory Olive Stone Granules Apricot Kernel Oil Organic Helianthus Oil Organic Rosemary Oil Organic Aloe Organic Chamomile Peppermint Essential Oil
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    Tender Exfoliation Revitilising Face Scrub

    Detoxifying & Gentle Exfoliation 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics This gentle exfoliator, from carefully selected, dried and ground premium quality olive seeds, will exfoliate your skin tenderly while keeping it soft, smooth and velvety. Best for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin Highlights Organic Thyme Organic Avocado Oil Organic Olive Oil Castor Oil Organic Calendula Lavender Essential Oil