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    Herbal Rain Shower Gel

    Relaxing Wellness 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Allow your body to experience a mythical relaxing wellness with MontOlympe’s botanical shower rain! Highlights Organic Lavender Organic Mint Organic Marjoram Organic Red Saffron Organic Aloe Rosewood Essential Oil Mandarin Essential Oil
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    Mediterra Breeze Shower Gel

    Mediterranean Aromatherapy 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Experience the euphoria of the Mediterra Breeze, where eleven plant extracts and seven essential oils are joined together in absolute harmony to create a truly relaxing Mediterranean sensation! A rejuvenating & uplifting, mild & anti-irritant, shower gel. Highlights Organic Kiwi Organic Chaste Tree Organic Rosemary Lavender Essential Oil Orange Essential Oil Rosewood Essential Oil
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    Olympus Mountain Tea Shower Gel

    Antioxidant & Antipollution 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics A real refreshing experience packed with pure organic Olympus Mountain Tea! Highlights Organic Olympus Mountain Tea Organic Cornelian Cherry Organic Aloe Almond Oil Bergamot Essential Oil Lemon Essential Oil