Body Moisturizers

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    Everlasting Flower & Honeysuckle Body Butter

    Deep Hydrating & Rich Nourishing 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics An experience of diving into deep hydration and smoothness! Everlasting Flower and Honeysuckle seductively joined to create MontOlympe’s Body Butter giving a charming and familiar scent of Mediterranean Breeze. Highlights Honeysuckle Essential Oil Everlasting Flower Organic Shea Butter Olive Squalene Beeswax Propolis
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    Foot Cream

    Relaxing Nourishing & Rejuvenating 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics A luxurious nourishing foot cream that relaxes and gives fatigued feet an exceptional wellness value! Highlights Hippocastanum Oil & Extract Organic Olive Oil Organic Savory Organic Mint Tea Tree Essential Oil Mint Essential Oil
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    Hand & Nail Cream

    Anti-Aging Nourishing & Repairing 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics An anti aging cream, exceptionally chosen for you, by MontOlympe to nourish and regenerate both hand skin and nails! Highlights Organic Argan Oil Everlasting Flower Wheat Germ Oil Organic Flaxseed Oil Red Clover Almond Oil Olive Squalene Organic Olive Oil Elder Flowers Olive Leaves Organic Borage Oil Organic Shea Butter Organic Avocado Oil Sandalwood Essential Oil
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    Olympus Mountain Tea Hand Cream

    Hydrating & Daily Protection 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics Your precious daily hand treatment for protection and light hydration! Highlights Organic Olympus Mountain Tea Organic Aloe Organic Argan Oil Organic Olive Oil Elder Flowers Organic Shea Butter Wheat Germ Oil Babassu Oil Rosewood Essential Oil Myrtle Essential Oil Sandalwood Essential Oil
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    Verbena & Marjoram Body Lotion

    Rich Nutritive & Firming 100% Certified Natural Cosmetics A herbal body beauty for a silky smooth skin that glows with youthful vibrancy! Highlights Organic Avocado Oil Olive Squalane Grape Seed Oil Organic Lemon Verbena Organic Rock Rose Organic Marjoram Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil