Organic Body Care

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    Ingrown Hair Treatment

    Body : This honey – based care with cleansing properties, combined with a natural AHA complex, helps prevent ingrown hairs, leaving the skin irritation free. PROPERTIES OF THE INGREDIENTS : Organic honey extract : Cleanses and regenerates skin. Natural AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) complex : Boosts cell renewal. Rids skin of dead cells. Promotes healthy regrowth of hair. Organic Aloe Vera : Helps soothe and moisturize skin Organic Glycerin : favors moisturization and softness of the skin Organic alcohol : Cleansing action  
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    Sos Oil

    Body : A first-aid treatment and multi-use product for dry and damaged skin. SOS oil has a range of benefits due to its organic vegetable oil complex: argan and musk rose. It soothes, regenerates, nourishes, protects the skin cells with advanced anti-aging action and promotes collagen synthesis. DESCRIPTION: Use as a first aid treatment, after hair removal, exposure to the sun or for daily use, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth with no greasy residue. PROVEN RESULTS : On 100% out of women the itchings and dryness sensation disapered On 88% out of women, the dermatologist noted a concrete diminution of prickling sensations after hair removal 71% of women observed fewer red patches after hair removal thanks to the SOS OIL 86% of women find her skin a repaired skin, more suppled and nourrished